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Animal Assisted Therapy

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SYFS Animal Assisted Therapy for Counseling

SYFS is thrilled to offer animal assisted therapy as a companion to our traditional talk therapy.  Our volunteer canine, Colt, and his handler, Amanda will work collaboratively with our clients and their clinicians to support children, youth, and adults in achieving their objectives.  Colt can assist clients with a wide variety of goals such as developing social skills, building self-confidence, improving frustration tolerance, and processing trauma. He can also simply be an extra support in the room when discussing difficult issues.

Colt is a Golden Retriever who is a certified therapy dog.  He has completed extensive training and passed multiple tests to become certified.  His handler Amanda is a licensed social worker with a specialty in animal assisted treatment.  She is present for all therapy sessions where Colt is involved, but does not participate in the therapeutic process. Both Colt and Amanda maintain the same confidentiality standards as our SYFS clinicians.