​Shrewsbury Youth & Family Services inc.

Mission & Values

Non-profit counseling and social services agency, providing a diverse offering of programs 

SYFS Mission & Values

Our Mission:

The mission of Shrewsbury Youth and Family Services, Inc. (SYFS) is to provide counseling and other supportive services to members of our community.

Our Values:


  •         We create sustainable impact at scale by changing policies, practices and systems.
  •         We accept that we must take risks in our work in order to create impact.
  •         We are guardians of the resources dedicated to SYFS and we maximize the impact of our expenditures.
  •         We shepherd promising ideas into effective action through all of our activities and services.

 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  •         We value the dignity of all clients and family members and build safe spaces in which their voices are integral in the decision-making          process.
  •         We believe cultural competency and health equity must be the standard in our work, rather than the exception.
  •         We acknowledge the impact of racism, sexism and other structural oppressions on mental health, and we speak out against these                oppressions even when it is challenging to do so.
  •         We design our partnerships and work in ways that do not reinforce structural oppressions but create new models for shared power              and co-creation.
  •         We seek to operate as a trauma-informed and client-centered organization and to have our engagement with communities and                    individuals itself be a protective factor for mental health.


  •         We conduct our work with honesty and transparency, and we aim to address all situations with high moral and ethical standards.
  •         We do what we believe is right even if it is difficult or unpopular.
  •         We build a supportive workplace that is centered on trust.


  •         We research and adopt information on evidence-based and culturally competent practices that advance the field of mental health.
  •         We assess and analyze our work in order to measure impact and adapt to changing contexts, so we may continuously learn and                  improve as an organization.
  •         We engage with communities to understand their unique needs and work collaboratively to identify areas for greater learning and                awareness.
  •         We use evaluation and communicate our findings to amplify improvements in mental health for our partnering communities.


  •         Our staff communicate regularly and across units as we all strive towards common goals.
  •         We recognize that the agency, acting alone, cannot effectively address the systemic nature of the barriers to mental health, so we                engage in meaningful partnerships with a variety of stakeholders to ensure sustainable change.
  •         Our engagement with individuals and communities aims to create opportunities and processes through which people experience a              greater sense of control over their own lives.