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Why give to SYFS

Non-profit counseling and social services agency, providing a diverse offering of programs 

In 1983, Shrewsbury Youth and Family Services (SYFS) was established to serve as the community’s ONLY private, non-profit social service agency. SYFS is vital to many in our community. Last year we helped to protect, heal and care for nearly 3000 individuals. Still, there are many more struggling, which is why we need your continued help. National research statistics tell us that one in five adolescents will battle mental illness. With suicide as the second leading cause of death between the ages of 10-24, the average delay between the onset of symptoms and treatment is alarmingly ten years. Depression in adults is the leading cause of disability and those with a mood or anxiety disorder are twice as likely to have a substance use disorder. Additionally, 90% of those who complete suicide have an underlying mental illness.

  • When you give to Shrewsbury Youth and Family Services, your donation:
  • Helps us assist youth and adults who have expressed suicidal thoughts and respond to those in crisis through our counseling services
  • Provides counseling and advocacy services for children and their families to overcome the effects of trauma, as well as to help improve family relationships, reduce emotional and behavioral problems and prevent out-of-home placements for troubled adolescents
  • Gives parents, teachers, relatives, coaches and many others the skills to identify a developing mental health challenge, emotional crisis and substance use in a young person
  • Keeps disadvantaged families warm during the cold winter months through fuel assistance

Your gift is critical because it offers relief for struggling children and families — with an immeasurable lifelong impact. Without your help, these life-changing services would not be possible and many of these children and adults will continue to struggle throughout their lives.


  • One-time donation
  • Recurring monthly donation
  • Major gifts
  • Planned giving (bequests through your financial planner)
  • Donor-Advised funds

Thank you for your generosity in providing hope to many for a bright future, strength to overcome challenges and the opportunity to find happiness in life.

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